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AYOR Studios presents BLISS PART ONE (2013), a film by Robert Boggs

It is nearly midnight, and all of the boys in the house are already asleep or are enjoying sex with some of their friends in their rooms. All of this is being watched through the window and through open doors by Steve (STEVE WEAVER), who then goes into the house. Benjamin (BENJAMIN DUNN) is not asleep yet. He’s reading and has no idea that Steve, an unexpected visitor, is walking through the house.
Steve is originally from Moldova. He is a very conscientious boy and an athlete with light hair, a nice figure and a big dick. Although he entered the house in the middle of the night and had not been invited by anyone, he gains respect and a warm welcome from the other boys. Benjamin is at first surprised by the night guest, but the opportunity to have sex with a beautiful unknown dude soon wins him over. Benjamin is the first who gets to suck Steve’s huge cock.
It’s morning, and Justin (JUSTIN CONWAY) and Maxim (MAXIM MOIRA) are already full of energy! They have run from the shower and are chasing each other in front of the house. Sleepy Lukas (LUKAS PRIBYL) has come out of his room and is in front of the house, and both naked boys flapping their towels force him to join their game. The game ends very nicely. First all three boys jerk each other off and suck each other’s dicks, and then Maxim first fucks Lukas and then Justin, too. Good morning!
Newcomer Justin! Justin (JUSTIN CLAY ) is a boy who has never had any experience with another boy yet. He is one of the boys who are at this cottage this weekend.
Justin was adjusting his hair in the bathroom in the morning, when Steve walked in, the boy who at night arrived unexpectedly and sucked Benjamin’s dick. Justin has no idea who he is.
“Hi. My name is Steve. I came here at night. Will you mind if I take a shower here right now?” Justin didn’t know what direction he should look in. Suddenly in the bathroom there was a boy who stripped naked and began showering! And his dick was so beautiful! Justin didn’t know what to do. So Justin’s fantasies began working.
In a room after a while, Justin first tried what it was like to suck another boy’s dick. And he also fucked. You have to see this!
The boys are sitting by the fire in the evening, roasting sausages and drinking beer. Danton (DANTON GARY) and Matt (MATT LOREE) took one look at each other, got up, and both of their dicks were hard before they even got to the room. Matt started sucking Danton’s cock on the stairs at night. And Danton really enjoyed it!
Two boys are in the bathroom at night. One is showering (TIM LAW), and the other is relaxing in the bathtub (LUKAS PRIBYL). Both horny boys‘ dialogue ends with super action! Truly bliss!

Length: 84 mins, 6 scenes!


Features: oral sex, anal sex, rimming, 2ways,3ways, fetish menu, Cum-fest reel, trailers

Subtitles: In Czech with English & French & German subtitles

Directed by ROBERT BOGGS

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