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AYOR Studios presents BLISS PART TWO (2013), a film by Robert Boggs

After a “long night” Justin (JUSTIN CLAY) has fallen asleep on the sofa. Danton (DANTON GARY) got up very early in the morning, and while the other boys were still sleeping in the house, he went down to the living room, where he saw Justin sleeping. Justin’s erect dick directly entices morning sex.
Tim (TIM LAW) and Steve (STEVE WEAVER) quickly became buddies and played cards in the early evening. Tim of course didn’t know whether to watch the game or look at Steve’s nice body. Steve was only wearing boxer shorts, and what was inside his shorts seemed to be getting bigger and bigger! It then became clear that soon an entirely different kind of game would begin, a game involving their dicks. And it would not be just a game, but true fucking!
There is a swing hanging from a tree, and Benjamin (BENJAMIN DUNN) and Justin (JUSTIN CONWAY) are playing like little boys. But they are not little boys! Truly large tools can be found in their underwear. It’s noon on a summer day, and both boys fuck beautifully under the tree.
All of the boys are playing volleyball in the later afternoon. Soon it will be evening, and the boys get hungry. While everyone runs to have dinner, only Lukas (LUKAS PRIBYL) and Matt (MATT LOREE) remain by the volleyball net. Before dinner, they need to squirt cum from their erect dicks!
Benjamin and Danton were playing ping pong in the afternoon. It was nice to watch them, and the game evidently excited them! It probably wasn’t the game that excited both of them, but their naked bodies. Yes, both of them played naked and each had an erection after a while.
Benjamin is a very friendly and intelligent boy, and when you look at his body and his penis, it’s no wonder that he has been the idol of all of the boys in the house. Danton is a novice and does not have a lot of experience with filming. But he surprised everyone with his horniness. Danton sucked Benjamin’s dick even during the pauses, when the cameras were not switched on.
When Maxim (MAXIM MOIRA) came out of the shower and saw how both boys were enjoying each other, it didn’t take him long to join in with them. Danton really enjoyed three-way sex. Maxim and Benjamin fucked him beautifully!

Length: 84 mins, 5 scenes!


Features: oral sex, anal sex, rimming, 2ways,3ways, fetish menu, Cum-fest reel, trailers

Subtitles: In Czech with English & French & German subtitles

Directed by ROBERT BOGGS

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