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FOLLOW ME - Ariel Vanean is in a hurry. It’s his boyfriend Joshua Black’s birthday. Ariel is out buying a few presents for him and rushes back home, but arrives to a huge disappointment. Joshua has already started celebrating without him by having sex with a stranger (Samuel Hoffman)! Ariel leaves and searches for some distraction out in nature, where he soon meets a couple of sweet lads who also get off on having sex outdoors – whether in a cold mountain stream or with a three-way in the campsite shower. Ariel gets it on with these lovely lads and quickly forgets his boyfriend problems! FOLLOW ME is the newest AYOR Summer Story from Robert Boggs!

Length: 98 mins, 7 hardcore senes, 10 guys!

Starring: Jerry Haris, Ryan Quaid, Thierry Aulin, Thomas Adamec, Adam Zarsky, Ariel Vanean, Nick Deniels, Joshua Black, Paul Brise, Samuel Hoffman

Directed by ROBERT BOGGS

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