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More new boys, but some old friends too. Students who study and play together, or buddies testing their limits. A trip to the mountains, a dip in the pool, a visit to the zoo. Or nude sunbathing on a terrace after a game of football. There is always an occasion to get closer to the boys. They have their hobbies, loves and dreams and enjoy their lives to the full. These are the guys you dream about. You see them just once and they change your life forever.

Length: 108 mins, 7 hardcore senes, 13 guys!

Starring: Andrew Shut, Ariel Vanean, Bryan McCain, Colin Reeves, Justin Boyd, Kevin Kraus, Mark Lopez, Mark Vernon, Matt Woody, Nikolas Markov, Ryan Quaid, Ronnie Wilson, Thierry Aulin

Features: oral sex, anal sex, 2ways, 3way, models' interviews, fetish menu Photo Gallery, Cum-fest reel, Trailers

Directed by ROBERT BOGGS

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