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130 mins, 7 hardcore scenes, 9 cuties

Everyone knows AYOR's guys love playing around in the water! During the long, cold Czech winter they head for the water park. It's a great place to meet up for all kinds of fun! Watch the guys slide down the chutes, splash around in the water and then seek out quiet corners for hot, wet and very wild sex. Come and Splash! around with AYOR's gorgeous guys!

Length: 130 mins, 7 hardcore scenes, 9 cuties

Starring: Brock Wilder, Chad Driver, Denis Read, Genadij Prokov, Leo Cooper, Mark Zebro, Matias Mayer, Patrick Veselsky, Ronnie Wilson

Features: oral sex, anal sex, rimming, cum-eating, 2-way, 3-way, even 4-way action!

Directed by ROBERT BOGGS

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