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150 min., 9 hardcore senes, 9 gorgeous guys

This third release from AYOR Studios is another super hot movie directed by Robert Boggs featuring nine gorgeous young guys spending their summer holiday camping by a lake. See them playing around on the water, sitting by the campfire, sleeping in tents and - most of all - having loads of hot sex! They're young, wild and handsome and enjoying the best summer of their lives!

Length: 150 min., 9 hardcore senes, 9 gorgeous guys

Starring: Bryan Mccain, Denis Read, Lukas Prochazka, Mark Zebro, Matej Kodes, Matias Kraus, Nick Wollner, Patrick Veselsky, Vlado Kotora

Features: oral sex, anal sex, 2-way, 3-way action, rimming, cum-eating

Directed by ROBERT BOGGS

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